Would You Eat This

Would You Eat This

5 Episodes

A top-rated chef and scientist embark on an exciting adventure around the globe to discover the future of food. They meet with the most forward-thinking minds in the industry as they taste test the truly bizarre and sustainable future of flavor.

Would You Eat This
  • Episode 1 – Beef: I Want to Eat Meat!

    Episode 1

    Can artificial meat grown from stem cells in a lab truly satisfy a real beef craving? Find out as a chef and a scientist set out to discover the best engineered beef alternatives in the world to solve the growing cattle problem.

  • Episode 2 – Fish: Sushi of the Future

    Episode 2

    Bluefin tuna, salmon, and many other fish species are becoming endangered. When it comes to texture, flavor, and aroma, can a sushi chef swap wild-caught for GMO fish to create the sushi of the future?

  • Episode 3 – Chicken: Do We Need the Animal?

    Episode 3

    What came first, the chicken or the egg? In the future, the answer might be the lab. Chickenless eggs exist and the need for mass-produced poultry and meat could be entirely replaced by bioreactors. But how does it taste? Henri and Lauri find out.

  • Episode 4 – Insects: Sorry to Bug You...

    Episode 4

    Viral bug balls, crickets, and mealworms... In the future, it could be what’s for dinner! Around the world, insects are being looked at as a sustainable (and tasty) food source, but will they ever cross over into mainstream cuisine?

  • Episode 5 – Water: Beer from Pee, Food from Air

    Episode 5

    Future-thinking foodies work their magic as they turn human pee into beer and create food out of thin air. Many regions are facing drought and experts are searching for more sustainable answers, even in outer space.