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White Sands

White Sands

8 Episodes

Undercover homicide detectives pose as a married couple looking to start a new life in a seaside town where residents distrust police. While trying to maintain cover, the detectives investigate the murder of a German surfer.

White Sands
  • Episode 1 – Warm Welcome

    Episode 1

    In a town where distrust for the police runs rampant, two detectives go undercover as a married couple to try and solve the year-old case involving the murder of a German surfer.

  • Episode 2 – The Witness

    Episode 2

    Detectives Helene and Thomas are quickly thrust into their undercover roles as a married couple. The pair get acquainted with the town’s most prominent personalities and begin to stitch together clues.

  • Episode 3 – The Wall of Love

    Episode 3

    Helene and Thomas’ cover is put to the test during a double date with a prominent local couple. As new leads come in, the detectives take unexpected risks and break laws in the pursuit of clues.

  • Episode 4 – The Nighthawk

    Episode 4

    As the investigation grows, so does the body count. Just as Thomas makes a break in the case, an explosive argument between him and Helene threatens to jeopardize the entire investigation.

  • Episode 5 – Ghosts of the Past

    Episode 5

    The positive identification of the murder weapon leads Thomas down a rabbit hole of World War II memorabilia collectors. While Thomas' pursuit turns up solid leads in the case, it also leads him straight into danger.

  • Episode 6 – The Nazi Card

    Episode 6

    The investigation has fallen off track and Thomas is back in Germany. Helene has bigger things to worry about. A criminal she put behind bars has been released and is out for blood–Helene’s blood.

  • Episode 7 – Below the Surface

    Episode 7

    The detectives’ leads are drying up. The pair moves their investigation from land to the depths of the sea to investigate a shipwreck from 60 years ago.

  • Episode 8 – A Good Town

    Episode 8

    Personal and professional boundaries are blurred between the detectives. Meanwhile, the pair pieces together all of the clues to make a shocking discovery about the killer and his motives.