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Watch this video and more on Topic: Watch TV & Movies

Would You Eat This

Episode 1 – Beef: I Want to Eat Meat!

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Up Next in Would You Eat This Season 1

  • Episode 2 – Fish: Sushi of the Future

    Bluefin tuna, salmon, and many other fish species are becoming endangered. When it comes to texture, flavor, and aroma, can a sushi chef swap wild-caught for GMO fish to create the sushi of the future?

  • Episode 3 – Chicken: Do We Need the A...

    What came first, the chicken or the egg? In the future, the answer might be the lab. Chickenless eggs exist and the need for mass-produced poultry and meat could be entirely replaced by bioreactors. But how does it taste? Henri and Lauri find out.

  • Episode 4 – Insects: Sorry to Bug You...

    Viral bug balls, crickets, and mealworms... In the future, it could be what’s for dinner! Around the world, insects are being looked at as a sustainable (and tasty) food source, but will they ever cross over into mainstream cuisine?