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Episode 2 – The Lord is a God Who Avenges

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Up Next in Commandments: Season 1

  • Episode 3 – Those Who Piss on the Army

    After the army fails to punish the men who attacked them, Amram encourages Ya’akov to take revenge. Ya’akov asks permission from his rabbi to speak to a secular friend after he falls in love with a girl he’s met on the military’s communication net.

  • Episode 4 – A Royal Mutiny

    After Amram is placed in military prison for stealing stun grenades, Ya’akov fights to free him and unites the brigade in a mutiny. Tamar helps him plan the action. Meanwhile, Alexei visits his father, and learns an important lesson about obedience.

  • Episode 5 – The PFT

    The brigade trains for the PFT – the physical fitness test – while everybody tries to find out who ratted on the mutiny. Amram gives everything he has for Alexei’s sake, but an unexpected phone call from Shimi sabotages his plans.