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Watch this video and more on Topic: Watch TV & Movies

Pros and Cons

Episode 3 – Something's Rotten...

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Up Next in Pros and Cons Season 1

  • Episode 4 – The Belgian Turn!

    Nina disguises herself as the UN commissioner. Mads is working against their attempt at blackmail and the trio must think fast to save the mission. Esther seems to have inherited her parents’ skills and now she’s on to the mysterious Jacqueline.

  • Episode 5 – The Child's First Sick Day

    The trio must perform the complicated double maneuver “The Corsican Mirror” inside the closely guarded UN building. Waiting in the car outside is the sick Kaj, and the low battery levels on his iPad threaten to crash the entire house of cards.

  • Episode 6 – Buckle Up

    The heist is done and now the spoils have to be brought home. The two million euros in the trunk makes for a tense ride back. A collision with a married couple and a random police raid push the two con artists into a critical situation.