The Second Shift

The Second Shift

4 Episodes

Filmed in Lebanon, this series explores people’s sometimes contradictory, sometimes poignant, sometimes absurd second lives.

The Second Shift
  • Episode 1 – Special/Delivery

    Episode 1

    What appears to be a pizza delivery service in Lebanon turns out to satisfy other types of cravings.

  • Episode 2 – Mer/Maid

    Episode 2

    An Ethiopian woman works as a maid in an apartment in Lebanon. But when her employers are away, she lives a very different sort of life.

  • Episode 3 – Cam/Girl

    Episode 3

    A young woman flirts with men online, and tries to encourage something more. When none of them follow through, she returns to her “real life.”

  • Episode 4 – Curator/Cure

    Episode 4

    A collctor with a love for junk, a doctor with a calling to serve.