The Office

The Office

2 Seasons

From Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant comes this mockumentary about a British paper company in an industrial town that is run by a comically inept middle-manager who would rather be popular than effective. Also stars Martin Freeman, Lucy Davis.

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The Office
  • Episode 1 – Downsize

    Episode 1

    David’s superiors inform him that his branch could be absorbed which would lead to redundancies. He struggles to keep this information from his staff. Tim finds ways to amuse himself when he’s forced to share a space with the uptight Gareth.

  • Episode 2 – Work Experience

    Episode 2

    David is being shadowed by Donna, his friend’s daughter. He is embarrassed when he discovers a pornographic photo of himself spreading around the office. He appoints Gareth to find out who doctored it and the “invetigation” turns up unexpected leads.

  • Episode 3 – The Quiz

    Episode 3

    It’s Quiz Night in the office. On one side, there’s David and his obnoxious bestie Chris Finch. On the other side, there’s Tim (who is celebrating his 30th birthday) and Ricky. When David finds out Ricky was on a TV game show, his jealousy grows.

  • Episode 4 – Training

    Episode 4

    Rowan is brought in to train the staff but finds he’s constantly clashing with David, who wants to use the event to showcase his skills as a singer/songwriter; After Dawn’s engagement to Lee hits a bump in the road, Tim tries to cheer her up.

  • Episode 5 – New Girl

    Episode 5

    David tries to hire a new secretary to prove to management that his branch is still effective. Meanwhile, David discovers that Donna is sleeping with someone in the office, which leads to a confrontation when the employees party at a nightclub.

  • Episode 6 – Judgement

    Episode 6

    As the redundancies begin and the staff at Wernham Hogg begins to fear for their jobs, Jennifer offers David an opportunity which will test his loyalty to his branch; Tim considers leaving Wernham Hogg on his own.