The Nib

The Nib

2 Seasons

The political cartoonists of The Nib team up for a series that strikes at the heart of our present-day dystopia.

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The Nib
  • Episode 1 – Health Genius

    Episode 1

    The inside scoop on Trump’s insanely healthy body. Plus: Who will win the award for best sexual harassment apology of the year?

  • Episode 2 - It’s Not TV, It’s Alt-Right

    How to tell if you’re dating an ally man or a garbage can. Plus: Trickle-down economics is a scam.

  • Episode 3 – Last Takes Till Midnight

    Episode 3

    Pros and cons of total nuclear apocalypse. Plus: Gunning for delicious office snacks.

  • Episode 4 - Shake it Up

    Why is no one talking about the role of tentacle voters? Plus: An upbeat ditty about nuclear war.

  • Episode 5 - Full Engagement

    Finally, women get their equal pay—in spaaaaace! Plus: One mom’s helpful tips on parenting hungover.

  • Episode 6 – Fly Boy

    Episode 6

    Healthcare for all?! That absurd idea must be destroyed! Plus: Exposing the hidden dangers of teleportation. And for the last time, there’s no such thing as the pee tape.

  • Episode 7 – Time Bandits

    Episode 7

    A dispatch from Trump’s glorious robotic future. Plus: When your doctor’s a prankster!

  • Episode 8 – The Pawtriarchy

    Episode 8

    A white male ally finally gets all the trophies he deserves. Plus: Dog parks unleashed.

  • Episode 9 – Give a Hoot

    Episode 9

    Reduce, reuse, recycle—or we’re all gonna die! Plus: An aura-healing digital detox cleanse.

  • Episode 10 - I Want to Pee-lieve

    The tape is out there. Plus, what missing a couple days of news gets you, a hilarious new cop show, or is that horrifying? And totally real conspiracy theories. Totally.