The Miracle

The Miracle

8 Episodes

Are miracles always good? When a Madonna statuette weeping human blood is discovered, it reveals unimaginable powers, upending lives and beliefs. Now the government, mafia, and church are all after it. Originally aired in Italy as Il Miracolo.

The Miracle
  • Episode 1 – The Conservation of Matter

    Episode 1

    The Special Forces raid the bunker of mob boss Molocco and find him on the floor covered in blood. In the kitchen, they find an even more curious sight -- a statuette of the Virgin Mary that weeps human blood.

  • Episode 2 – Except for Lazarus

    Episode 2

    In Calabria, Beatrice, the daughter of mob boss Molocco, suffers a tragic fate at her First Holy Communion party. In Rome, The Prime Minister and Father Marcello visit the Virgin Mary statue, an experience which the priest finds overwhelming.

  • Episode 3 – The First Duty of Living

    Episode 3

    Nicolino’s family is banished, even though is father is one of the boss’ henchman; The General asks Sandra to send the blood to a laboratory in Phoenix; The Prime Minister begins to have strange dreams which he believes are part of a grand design.

  • Episode 4 – The Black Substance

    Episode 4

    Grieving mob boss Molocco asks Salvo to kill his own son. Meanwhile, Sandra receives the lab results on the origins of the Virgin Mary statue’s blood; Sole slaps her son in the middle of a shopping mall and the images of this incident go viral.

  • Episode 5 – The Pilot Flame

    Episode 5

    The Prime Minister wants his wife to apologize publicly for slapping her son. Against Sandra’s wishes, the Madonna is frozen and stops weeping; Votta’s investigations turn to the sanctuary of Barbana, where it seems the statuette was bought.

  • Episode 6 – The Princess of Swimming Pools

    Episode 6

    In Rome, the Prime Minister begins to have strange visions. During a road stop, Alma convinces Carlo to steal a small glowing cube. Later, she throws the cube into a pool but finds that her brother has developed a strange obsession with it.

  • Episode 7 – Mea Culpa

    Episode 7

    Salvo can’t bring himself to kill his own son, even after Molocco’s insistence. Meanwhile, tests reveal that Amin’s blood doesn’t match that of the Madonna and the statue is returned to its pedestal - where it starts to weep again.

  • Episode 8 – Legal Right Share

    Episode 8

    In the final episode of The Miracle, our ensemble cast of characters face great difficulty, and often tragedy, in their quest to find the statue of the Virgin Mary. With many twists and turns, their stories wrap up in very unexpected ways.