The Last Panthers

The Last Panthers

6 Episodes

After a diamond heist leaves a person dead, detectives find themselves plunged into Europe’s seedy underworld. In the hunt for answers, a web of conspiracies is uncovered, encompassing bankers to drug traffickers and beyond. Starring Samantha Morton.

The Last Panthers
  • Episode 1 – The Animal

    Episode 1

    A heart-pounding diamond heist comes with deadly consequences. Tensions flare as loss adjuster Naomi and Parisian cop Khalil try to steer the resulting investigation in dramatically different directions.

  • Episode 2 – White Knight

    Episode 2

    Naomi’s search for the missing jewels leads her to Belgium. Meanwhile, Milan searches for a way to use his cut of the diamonds to help a family member in need. Khalil presses the victim of a home invasion for answers.

  • Episode 3 – Chimeras

    Episode 3

    The hunt for the jewels leads Naomi to a well-known diamond dealer. Khalil is ordered onto a new case and makes a shocking discovery in the process. Milan faces the consequences of his decisions.

  • Episode 4 – Serpent's Kiss

    Episode 4

    Khalil and brother Mokhtar strike a perilous deal as Milan puts himself at risk for his own sibling. Naomi’s investigation makes serious strides in pursuit of the diamonds—but can she convince boss Tom of her findings?

  • Episode 5 – Angel of Death

    Episode 5

    It’s 1995 in war-torn Bosnia. A new, fragile ceasefire faces its first test as a significant connection between Naomi and Milan is revealed.

  • Episode 6 – The Last Panther

    Episode 6

    It’s the finale and Naomi is desperate to protect a revenge-obsessed Milan. Meanwhile, Khalil is forced to admit he and Mokhtar are in deep trouble.