The Bridge

The Bridge

5 Seasons

Considered to be the series that started the Nordic Noir genre, The Bridge (Bron/Broen) follows Detective Saga Norén as she and her colleagues investigate a string of crimes committed around Øresund Bridge, the conduit between Sweden and Denmark.

The Bridge
  • Episode 1

    Episode 1

    Almost two years later, a woman is brutally murdered near the base of the bridge who turns out to be connected to a deportation scandal. Henrik is on the case with a new partner but missing his old colleague Saga. He tries to solicit her help.

  • Episode 2

    Episode 2

    Saga returns to work and dives in head first. She and Henrik find leads in a radical leftist group and a missing refugee as another body is found. Meanwhile, Saga continues to help Henrik investigate his personal tragedy.

  • Episode 3

    Episode 3

    A Swedish journalist and expert on radical leftist groups becomes a suspicious player in the case. Saga and Henrik also suspect that Taariq, the refugee, is hiding something. When Saga has a panic attack, she decides to go see a psychologist.

  • Episode 4

    Episode 4

    Taariq is at large and leads Saga and Henrik to a new lead, yet another person who might be hiding something. A new murder helps Saga figure out how all three are linked and that the killing will probably continue. Henrik runs into a familiar face.

  • Episode 5

    Episode 5

    The number of suspects grows and new suspicions arise surrounding the Sonnings. Everyone seems connected somehow. Saga has no luck with her private investigation for Henrik but makes an offer that will completely change their relationship.

  • Episode 6

    Episode 6

    Henrik finds a promising new lead that links all the victims together. But another unexpected face in the mix of suspects drives a deep wedge between Henrik and Saga. In an attempt to win his forgiveness, Saga resumes her private investigation.

  • Episode 7

    Episode 7

    The investigation on Tommy continues and his mother is questioned. Lillian suspects foul play within the police department and gets a disturbing surprise at home. Saga gets a call from a young man connected to Henrik’s past.

  • Episode 8

    Episode 8

    After Saga figures out the killer’s identity, the case seems to be solved. But when Saga visits someone from her past she realizes there’s something she and Henrik missed. Now the case has taken a personal turn and Saga must save someone she loves.