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The Box

The Box

3 Episodes

Could a reopened cold-case unveil one of America’s most notorious criminals? Detective Chris Loudon discovers a long-forgotten box of evidence that sparks his investigation to expose the truth behind one of America’s worst serial killers.

The Box
  • Episode 1 – Part 1: The Body in the Snow

    Episode 1

    When Det. Chris Loudon re-opens the cold case murder of a 16-year-old from 1976, DNA leads him to a suspect who photographed naked young women and was suspected of rape. When he finds a box of the photos, Loudon wonders if these were his victims.

  • Episode 2 – Part 2: The Snapshot Killer

    Episode 2

    Loudon continues his investigation into serial killer Bruce Lindahl. Using photos Lindahl had taken of the young women, Loudon identifies more possible victims. And he uncovers the shocking fact that the police suspected Lindahl but let him go free.

  • Episode 3 – Part 3: The Cops and the Corpse

    Episode 3

    Det. Chris Loudon discovers serial killer Bruce Lindahl had a powerful ally and uncovers suspicious behavior by the police in the ‘70s. To prove Lindahl’s guilt once and for all, Loudon visits Lindahl’s grave and oversees the exhumation of his body.