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The Artists

The Artists

10 Episodes

Computers were built to process data—but can they also make us cry? Meet “The Artists,” the video-game designers, developers, and programmers who revolutionized the way we experience American entertainment and storytelling.

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The Artists
  • Episode 1 - Seeing Farther

    Episode 1

    Meet the group of rogue programmers who, in the 1980s, decided to elevate computer games to an art form.

  • Episode 2 - The Revolution Will Be Digitized

    Episode 2

    Pong took computer games out of the lab and into the dive bar. Here’s how the runaway success of Atari’s first game led to the company’s eventual downfall.

  • Episode 3 - The Doom Generation

    Episode 3

    Doom was a fast-paced and immersive first-person shooter game whose success was the envy of the industry.

  • Episode 4 - The Dragon Slayer

    Episode 4

    Though his industry was becoming increasingly concerned with the bottom line, Chris Crawford understood that video games could revolutionize storytelling.

  • Episode 5 - Come Together

    Episode 5

    For one programmer, the future of gaming was about more than art. It was a social issue.

  • Episode 6 - Searching for Shangri-La

    Episode 6

    Extending his empire to the small screen, George Lucas built a video-game incubator on his own ranch.

  • Episode 7 - Dungeons & Doctors

    Episode 7

    Young doctors-turned-game-designers performed a digital transplant on an iconic role-playing game.

  • Episode 8 - One More Turn

    Episode 8

    The history-inspired Civilization games say less about the past than they do about what’s next.

  • Episode 9 - Wordsmiths

    Episode 9

    Before video games could get graphic, text-based adventures imagined the future of literature.

  • Episode 10 - From Then to Now

    Episode 10

    From the art gallery to the boardroom, video games are going places their inventors never anticipated.