The Art of Making Money

The Art of Making Money

3 Episodes

Documentary | United States • What if the best way to make more money … was to print it yourself? In this new documentary series, meet the folks who created their own currencies.

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The Art of Making Money
  • Episode 1 - A Very Thin Line

    Episode 1

    Meet the Americans behind two alternative currencies: the originators of the community-focused BerkShares in Massachusetts, and the Fed-baiting libertarian Bernard von NotHaus, creator of the Florida-born Liberty Dollar.

  • Episode 2 - This Guy Has Balls

    Episode 2

    The value of art takes on very different meanings in the work of two Copenhagen residents.

  • Episode 3 - The World’s Greatest Counterfeiter

    Episode 3

    The self-declared “world’s greatest counterfeiter,” Frank Bourassa, printed $250 million in fake US currency until he was caught by an undercover cop in 2012. And yet he hardly served any jail time.