The Accidental Wolf

The Accidental Wolf

3 Seasons

A mysterious call from a dying stranger upends Katie Bonner’s life and sends her down a dangerous rabbit hole in search of a woman named Tala. Is she risking everything to save a woman she's never met, or trying to destroy the woman she's become?

The Accidental Wolf
  • Episode 1 – Found

    Episode 1

    Katie and T find help in unexpected places as questions arise about T’s identity—threatening everything. Meanwhile, media attention is drawn to Katie’s whereabouts, sending those closest to her into a frenzy.

  • Episode 2 – Hand in Hand

    Episode 2

    A dangerous encounter leaves Katie in hot water, as a stranger risks everything to save her. Pieces of the cover-up begin to unravel as Bradley discovers the truth about his wife’s “disappearance.” But who else may have learned the truth?

  • Episode 3 – Future of Angels

    Episode 3

    Two scientists are recruited to find the cure for a deadly virus, but quickly discover the truth about both the lab and the nature of the experiments being performed there. Armed with this knowledge, the pair must decide what to do next.

  • Episode 4 – The Last Gate

    Episode 4

    Katie goes head-to-head with Bradley and her father-in-law as she and T are held at the Bonner estate. Outside, a hungry press corps closes in on the story of a lifetime. Later, a confrontation at her door leaves Katie in tears.