The Accidental Wolf

The Accidental Wolf

3 Seasons

A mysterious call from a dying stranger upends Katie Bonner’s life and sends her down a dangerous rabbit hole in search of a woman named Tala. Is she risking everything to save a woman she's never met, or trying to destroy the woman she's become?

The Accidental Wolf
  • Episode 1 – Sita Ram

    Episode 1

    Katie has agreed to give up her search for Tala and make amends with Bradley for their daughter. But after a wellness retreat, where she notices something strange in the sky, she receives another phone call that changes everything.

  • Episode 2 – The Temptress

    Episode 2

    After the chaotic call, Katie resumes her search and sets out to find Buja again. After investigating a potential 419 scam call center, Katie is confronted by a man and a drone. Meanwhile, Bradley decides to run for office.

  • Episode 3 – Father Figure

    Episode 3

    Katie learns that on the night of the first phone call, an APB was put out for her and Bradley’s arrest. Katie pleads with Dean to help her find Buja and he gives her the contact information for a mysterious fixer named RAM.

  • Episode 4 – Abyss

    Episode 4

    RAM’s associates give Katie information about an Ebola vaccine, then warn her to stop. While searching for the address where she and Bradley were taken the night of the call, she runs into a man who gives her a more ominous warning.

  • Episode 5 – Cockfight

    Episode 5

    As her search ramps up, Katie’s tough side starts to surface and empowers her to stand up to Bradley’s father. Katie finally meets RAM in the back of a deli, where RAM gives her an address. Could it lead Katie to Tala?

  • Episode 6 – Rebirth

    Episode 6

    When Katie’s visit to Buja leaves her no closer to the truth, she returns to her mom’s house ready to put the search for Tala behind her for good. But the appearance of a surprise visitor will shatter any chance of returning to normal life.