Sunshine Kings

Sunshine Kings

4 Episodes

In the South Sudanese community of Sunshine, a young basketball player sees his dreams of playing for the NBA thrown into jeopardy when he and his friends are accused of stealing a Porsche from an affluent suburb.

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Sunshine Kings
  • Episode 1 – Shadow Man

    Episode 1

    Santino steals a Porsche and takes his teammates Jacob, Deng Deng and Dazzler for a joyride. But, by the end of the night, a young teenage girl will be lying in a hospital bed fighting for her life and the four joyriders become the primary suspects.

  • Episode 2 – Dark Night

    Episode 2

    As Jacob returns the stolen Porsche on the night in question, he is startled by the sudden appearance of Elly Messina in the headlights. She gets in and blackmails him. Caught in an impossible bind, Jacob has no choice but to comply.

  • Episode 3 – Find Your Man

    Episode 3

    Eddie is the king of Sunshine, coaching the team on a winning streak into the finals – keeping Jacob’s US College basketball dream alive. Their relationship turns sour, however, when Jacob receives a VHS tape of Eddie on a racist tirade.

  • Episode 4 – Jacob's Ladder

    Episode 4

    Relations between Jacob and Eddie remain strained amid premiership celebrations in Sunshine. The arrival in town of a Talent Scout from the US convinces Eddie that he must face up to the mistake from his past in order to heal the wounded Jacob.