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Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand

4 Episodes

Meet four magicians whose wizardry with coins, cards, and other tools of the trade is a testament to their pursuit of perfection—and the cultivation of community.

Sleight of Hand
  • Episode 1 - Eric Jones

    Episode 1

    As he pulls coins out of thin air, this former self-described shy kid shares how an encounter with one terminally ill little girl changed his perspective on magic forever.

  • Episode 2 - Patrick Kun

    Episode 2

    He can make dollar bills multiply, slide a ring between fingers, or change the look of a playing card while you watch. And every trick he tries is driven by one simple question: “What if I could?”

  • Episode 3 - Billy Kidd

    Episode 3

    The advantage of being a comedy magician? According to this pro, once people are laughing, they won’t even notice all the “sneaky stuff” you’re doing, right in front of their eyes.

  • Episode 4 - Siegfried Tieber

    Episode 4

    Demonstrating a card trick called “cutting to the aces,” this magician explains why passionate storytelling is crucial to any live performance: once the audience cares about who you are, they’ll follow you anywhere.