Silent Road

Silent Road

3 Episodes

New episodes every Thursday. With eerie parallels to The Pied Piper, a school bus of children goes missing. Kidnappers seeking ransom refuse to negotiate with anyone except for Thalia, who is connected to the case on multiple levels.

Silent Road
  • Episode 1 – Lost Signal

    Episode 1

    Detective Nasos Economides investigates the disappearance of 9 children of Athens’ most rich and powerful families. The truly shocking nature of the case is much deeper than what it appears.

  • Episode 2 – The Magic Flute

    Episode 2

    Thalia, local journalist and aunt to two of the missing children finds herself simultaneously covering the case while thrust into the middle of it as a prime suspect all at once.

  • Episode 3 – Proof Of Life

    Episode 3

    The parents of the missing children scramble to come up with the outrageous ransom demanded by the kidnappers. Meanwhile, Thalia and her family are ostracized as questions about her involvement reach a boiling point.