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Watch this video and more on Topic: Watch TV & Movies

Watch this video and more on Topic: Watch TV & Movies

Up Next in Salamander: Season 1

  • Episode 8

    Wolfs tells Klaus to send the incriminating material they stole to all 66 owners of the safes. Mysterious circumstances befall these owners, all Beligum’s elite. Meanwhile, Sofie is enrolled at boarding school and meets Wolfs’ granddaughter.

  • Episode 9

    Paul Gerardi continues his research into World War II and discovers that a file for April '44 is missing. Meanwhile, Persigal is set up to be the scapegoat by the Prime Minister's office which is infiltrated by Salamander member Vincent Noel.

  • Episode 10

    Gerardi narrowly escapes yet another attempt on his life. Meanwhile the Public Prosecutor informs Noel that he is planning to resign. He then finds that his office has been searched and needs to tip off Gerardi that his location might be compromised.