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4 Episodes

Painting a compelling picture of modern-day life, RUN is an original drama that weaves together the stories of four seemingly unconnected people facing life-changing decisions in a world where every choice is a luxury.

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  • Episode 1 – Carol

    Episode 1

    Carol is a single mom whose teenage sons commit an act of random violence that ends in the death of a stranger. When Carol discovers her sons' involvement in the killing she turns to the boys’ estranged father Kieran for help.

  • Episode 2 – Ying

    Episode 2

    Ying is an illegal immigrant from China who sells pirated DVDs and stolen phones around Brixton. When an immigration raid leaves her with no money, Ying’s only chance of refuge is in barbershop owner Jamal; an unlikely bond forms between the pair.

  • Episode 3 – Richard

    Episode 3

    Richard is a middle-aged addict who is struggling to stay off drugs so that he can reestablish contact with his teenage daughter Sabrina. As events seem to conspire against him, Richard finds his efforts constantly thwarted.

  • Episode 4 – Kasia

    Episode 4

    Katrina is a Polish woman who has been running a marriage scam with her boyfriend Tomeck, finding European women to marry Asian men for money. But, when Tomeck goes missing, Katrina discovers that he was in debt to vicious loan sharks.