Racquet Shorts

Racquet Shorts

4 Episodes

In these documentary portraits inspired by Racquet Magazine, Darius Clarke Monroe examines the role of racquet sports in American culture and sheds light on the unexpected communities, obsessions, and passions built around tennis and handball.

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Racquet Shorts
  • Episode 1 – South Oxford

    Episode 1

    A married couple recounts the life they’ve built together while running their former tennis club in Brooklyn. From their own wedding to countless client events, their best memories were at the spectacular South Oxford Tennis Club.

  • Episode 2 – All Iowa Lawn Tennis Club

    Episode 2

    A tennis court can mean so much more than you think. Mark Kuhn’s homemade court was a family project that turned into a beloved community space, but after an unthinkable tragedy, the All Iowa Lawn Tennis Club is now a powerful source for healing.

  • Episode 3 – Maravilla

    Episode 3

    Handball might be a simple sport, but its communities are like family. This is especially true at the Maravilla handball courts of East LA, where generations of players from the Chicano community have made it a sacred space and historic landmark.

  • Episode 4 – Serve

    Episode 4

    The simple ritual of the tennis serve can completely transform you. This quiet, meditative portrait reveals how a tennis instructor struggling in her personal life morphs into a steely, formidable athlete on the court.