Trans In Trumpland Season 1

Trans In Trumpland Season 1

Across America, being trans can put your life at risk. Director Tony Zosherafatain visits North Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, and Idaho to meet individuals impacted by anti-trans laws and leaves inspired by their fight to exist in their own country.

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Trans In Trumpland Season 1
  • Episode 1 – North Carolina

    High school comes with enough struggles, but Ash also has to deal with painful gender dysphoria and a fear of simply going to the bathroom. But he still believes coming out as trans saved his life and is finding more strength each day.

  • Episode 2 - Texas

    For Rebecca, a trans woman and Mexican immigrant living on the border, discrimination comes from many directions. Can she live freely in a state with one of the highest immigration detention rates?

  • Episode 3 - Mississippi

    Meet the owner of the first trans-focused nonprofit in Mississippi. After her friend Mesha Caldwell was murdered for being trans, Evonné started her organization to help protect the trans community in a state that fails to do so.

  • Episode 4 - Idaho

    Shane Ortega identifies as Two-Spirit, a Native term referring to a person with both a feminine and masculine spirit. The Idaho resident and retired Army veteran believes that trans rights are inextricably linked to the decolonization of America.