The Nib Season 1

The Nib Season 1

The political cartoonists of The Nib team up for a series that strikes at the heart of our present-day dystopia.

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The Nib Season 1

10 Videos

  • Episode 1 - Wigging Out

    Nuke first, ask questions about basic geography later. #winning! Plus: An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the origins of Donald Trump’s iconic hairstyle.

  • Episode 2 - Boys’ Club.

    Should we listen to women and science when writing our healthcare laws? Naaaahhhh. Plus: How Trump is angling to rig the next election.

  • Episode 3 - The War For Your Mind

    Alex Jones hosts this very special episode revealing the most devious illuminati plot yet. Plus: What could we buy if we weren’t spending all our money on the world’s biggest bombs?

  • Episode 4 - Burn it Down

    Either vaccines are a massive global conspiracy to destroy children or someone’s overreacting. Plus: The life changing magic of just throwing everything you own in the trash.

  • Episode 5 - Millennials Have Killed This Episode

    Millennials are murdering things left and right. Nothing is safe, not golf, not napkins, not you. Plus: Trump, father and husband, kind of. And: Collect your own limited edition Ivanka Trump doll!

  • Episode 6 - Take Me to Your Nazis

    The hot white guy summer trend of 2017; being a literal Nazi. Who knew the future would suck so much? Plus: Pizza drones, the hottest Hot Takes, and a new Art of The Deal.

  • Episode 7 - It’s a Hit

    The bold American pastime of accidentally giving our own weapons to terrorists. Plus: A new Broadway show stars the original Blue Man Group - the Police.

  • Episode 8 - Shmabortion

    Inside the mind of Trump’s most-forgotten daughter. Plus: It’s not illegal to say "abortion", we'll just take away your money and job if you do.

  • Episode 9 - Hot in Here

    Who says global warming is all bad? It means more bikinis, amiright?! Plus: America is #1! In everything terrible!

  • Episode 10 - Real Fake News

    Trust no one. News is wrong. War is peace. Trump is tremendous. Plus: Back-alley virtual reality.