The Guru Inside You Season 1

The Guru Inside You Season 1

Now that we know he’s a false prophet, Sri Kumare can get even more real with his spiritual guidance. In this season, Kumare tackles modern issues like loneliness, anxiety, and diet with hilarious lessons. Who knew that loneliness was like cheese?

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The Guru Inside You Season 1
  • Episode 1 – You Are a Guru

    In episode one, Sri Kumare teaches his most important lesson: how to be your own guru. He reminds us that people who call themselves spiritual leaders are frauds, so it’s best to be your own. But if all else fails, there’s always mimosas.

  • Episode 2 – You Are Not Alone

    In this episode, Sri Kumare helps us feel less lonely in quarantine through awkward air hugs, cheese analogies, and his infamous blue light meditation. “If my father can figure out how to Zoom, we can all figure out how not to be so alone.”

  • Episode 3 – Love Yourself

    As if finding love with another person isn’t hard enough, Sri Kumare reminds us that we must first love ourselves. In this episode, the guru dispenses some valuable wisdom on how to change our narratives in order to achieve self-love.

  • Episode 4 – Goodbye Whiteystan

    In support of Black Lives Matter, Sri Kumare focuses this episode on how to break the cycle of systemic racism. It starts with the individual—we must do the hard work of acknowledging, evaluating, and eradicating our implicit biases.