State of Happiness Season 1

State of Happiness Season 1

The road to progress is paved in blood, sweat, and oil. This Nordic drama follows the history-making events that created modern Norway. When a small fishing town discovers something big, six individuals must seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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State of Happiness Season 1
  • Episode 1 – Treasure Hunt

    The international oil companies are pulling out from Stavanger, after years of test drilling without success. This affects everyone in town.

  • Episode 2 – Smoking Ban

    Phillips Petroleum introduces a smoking ban on the oil rig Ocean Viking, and the mayor in Stavanger speculates on whether the Americans might have found oil. Toril Torstensen makes a unavoidable choice.

  • Episode 3 – The Summer House

    Nyman’s factory has financial problems, and Fredrik Nyman has to come up with a plan to save the factory. Anna Hellevik sees an opportunity to help her father in law, and starts scheming behind Fredrik’s back.

  • Episode 4 – 69 Meters Down

    Ingrid is planning a party for Fredrik’s 50th birthday, and breaks social rules to support a friend in trouble. Cristian and the other divers at the Ocean Viking takes risks everyday at work, and the risks are increasingly dangerous.

  • Episode 5 – Dirdal Valley

    Phillips Petroleum are looking for a place by the coast to build a gigantic tank for oil storage. Dirdal Valley, where Anna’s family’s farm is situated, is one of the aread they are considering.

  • Episode 6 – Hope and Fraud

    Christian and Martin start their own diving company, and are in need of startup capital. Ingrid and Fredrik Nyman makes a plan to help their son. An old friend of Toril returns to town.

  • Episode 7 – Party at the Esso Motor Hotel

    Mayor Rettedal uses unorthodox methods to get Stavanger elected as the oil capital of Norway. Anna does something she regrets at a party at the Esso Motor Hotel, and Toril reaches out to Bengt Hamre.

  • Episode 8 – The Oil Capital

    It’s time for the parliament to vote over which city is to become the oil capital of Norway, and everyone in town are eager to hear the result. Anna makes a decision with consequences for everyone around her.