Split Season 2

Split Season 2

There are two sides to every story. Ordinary topics—a wildfire, a marketing strategy, racial identity, and a traditional West African dish—become lively debates when they’re told by two storytellers with differing perspectives.

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Split Season 2
  • Episode 1 - Fire

    He lost nothing and fled. She lost everything and stayed. After surviving the 2018 Woolsey fire, record exec Damon Dash and lifelong Malibu resident LisaJo McGee developed very differing views on the value of home.

  • Episode 2 - Multi-level Marketing

    A great way to earn money or a pyramid scheme? Both Carly and Roberta sold clothes for controversial MLM (multi-level marketing) company LulaRoe, but see why one calls it a healthy outlet and one became an anti-MLM advocate.

  • Episode 3 - Sisters

    Sisterhood is more than skin deep. Half-sisters Jazmin and Timeisha are both proud to be Black, but having different skin tones means being impacted by prejudice in different ways. But they share one identical trait: they’ve got each other’s backs.

  • Episode 4 - Cook-Off

    Jollof rice is a widely celebrated staple dish in both Nigeria and Ghana, but who does it better? In this seriously heated cook-off, Chef Segun of Nigeria and Chef Barbara of Ghana will each make a convincing case for their country’s version.