Peacemaker Season 1

Peacemaker Season 1

Brilliant peacemaker Ann-Mari Sundell takes one final job: to broker an agreement between Turkey and the Kurds. But she soon realizes the mission is nothing like it seems, as shocking truths unfold to reveal a larger, more twisted political game.

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Peacemaker Season 1
  • Episode 1 – The Suppressed Truth

    Peacemaker Ann-Mari seemingly ends her career with a controversial speech criticizing Finland’s arms dealings, but the General Secretary of the UN brings her out of retirement for one last job: negotiating peace between Turkey and the Kurds.

  • Episode 2 – The Bigger Picture

    Ann-Mari starts negotiations by sending Emilia and Diyar to investigate mass graves at the Syria-Turkey border. But the area is much more dangerous than she expected. And someone high up is withholding crucial information.

  • Episode 3 – A Secret Meeting

    Ann-Mari arranges a secret meeting with Kurdish leader Binav Bashur, but the location is leaked and they are attacked. Later, Theo squeezes her out of the negotiations. Who leaked the meeting location and is Theo turning against Ann-Mari?

  • Episode 4 – Deportation

    After Bashur’s death causes political chaos, Ann-Mari and her team are deported, but she meets her mother before leaving Istanbul. She also receives unexpected news about the weapons Finland sold and Diyar runs into trouble.

  • Episode 5 – Stolen Weapons

    Theo tries to help Diyar while Ann-Mari and Emilia go to Spain to meet with a contact with information about the stolen Finnish weapons. There is an explosion at Alhambra fortress. Who is behind the attack?

  • Episode 6 – Negotiation

    After realizing that the Alhambra attack might be connected to Finland, Ann-Mari gets an unexpected invitation to meet the man who captured the fort, Zamen. He wants to send a message to Europe. She agrees to meet, and puts herself in grave danger.

  • Episode 7 – We Are All Guilty

    Zamen reveals the surprising reason behind his attack on Alhambra and demands Ann-Mari help him investigate Bashur’s murder. He agrees to surrender, but a firefight breaks out and blood is shed.

  • Episode 8 – New Era

    Zamen manages to escape and Ann-Mari realizes that Alhambra was just the beginning. Diyar learns about a personal connection to Zamen. Ann-Mari sends Asier and Emilia to investigate a potential new attack, and her worst nightmare comes true.

  • Episode 9 – The Mountains Are Our Only Friends

    Ann-Mari is grief-stricken and retreats back to Finland. Diyar travels to Syria with his father to negotiate with Zamen before the violence along the borders escalates further, but other people are after him too.

  • Episode 10 – The Price of Peace

    Zamen evades the authorities and travels to Finland to meet Ann-Mari, but their interaction becomes threatening when they disagree over Kurdistan. Theo makes an announcement at the Nobel Prize ceremony that changes everything.