Killing the Father Season 1

Killing the Father Season 1

Jacobo Vidal loves his family, he’s just not the most loving guy. His obsession with protecting them ends up causing more problems than solutions. As the family matures over 16 years, he’ll question everything he knew about being a father.

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Killing the Father Season 1
  • Episode 1 – 1996

    The year is 1996. When one of his classmates dies, Tomás is inspired to live life to the fullest and follow his crush to Africa. But his father, Jacobo, becomes consumed by his son’s safety and future. Cracks begin to deepen in the family.

  • Episode 2 – 2004

    It’s 2004 and Jacobo is fed up with Isabel babying their son, who is now 28 and has severe anxiety. Isabel is fed up too, with Jacobo’s bullish ways, and stands up to him for the first time. Jacobo experiences his first major consequence.

  • Episode 3 – 2008

    Four years later, Jacobo is living on his own as the 2008 Great Recession begins to take its toll. A health scare spurs him to set up his kids’ inheritance and help out an old friend, but the banking crisis has severely impacted his funds.

  • Episode 4 – 2012

    It’s now 2012 and the kids are doing great—Tomás is a published author and Valeria is married and pregnant. Jacobo, however, is broke and homeless. Now that the tables have turned, will he finally change his controlling ways?