Inspired Season 1

Inspired Season 1

Would Georgia O’Keeffe have her place in art history if she hadn’t moved to New Mexico? Would Naoshima still be an empty island without Tadao Ando’s touch? See how eight artists and places have forever changed their respective landscapes.

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Inspired Season 1
  • Episode 1 - Donald Judd + Marfa

    Minimalist artist Donald Judd was one of the most significant artists of the 20th century. After moving to Marfa, Texas, in 1971, he gradually turned the empty and dilapidated town into one of the art world’s most important destinations.

  • Episode 2 - Tadao Ando + Naoshima

    How did Naoshima become “Japan’s art island”? It was due largely to renowned architect Tadao Ando and his extraordinarily unique series of museums, which are home to works by everyone from James Turrell to Claude Monet.

  • Episode 3 - Georgia O’Keeffe + New Mexico

    When Georgia O’Keeffe moved to New Mexico, the stunning desert landscapes radically changed the way she painted, inspiring her for the next 50 years and cementing her as one of the most important American painters of the 20th century.

  • Episode 4 - Keith Haring + Brazil

    Most people associate Keith Haring with New York City, but the pop artist also made a splash in Bahia, Brazil, where he decorated artist Kenny Scharf’s beach house with murals inspired by the local landscape and people.

  • Episode 5 - Yves Saint-Laurent + Marrakesh

    By the ‘60s, Yves Saint Laurent was already the biggest fashion designer in France, but it wasn’t until he and his partner, Pierre Bergé, visited Morocco and decided to live in Marrakesh that he “discovered the magic of color.”

  • Episode 6 - Ragnar Kjartansson + Iceland

    Ragnar Kjartansson caught the attention of the art world at the 2009 Venice Biennale, when he created a painting of the same man every day for five months, an enormously ambitious performance piece inspired by Icelandic culture and history.

  • Episode 7 - Henri Cartier-Bresson + India

    Henri Cartier-Bresson was fortunate to meet Mahatma Gandhi shortly before his assassination. His photos of Gandhi may have catapulted the photographer to fame, but it was what he captured in India in the years after that helped define his career.

  • Episode 8 - Pina Bausch + New York

    Modern dance might look very different today if Pina Bausch hadn’t spent her formative period in New York City, where she attended Juilliard, danced at the Metropolitan Opera, and collaborated with the likes of Paul Taylor and Paul Sanasardo.