Chris Gethard’s Beautiful/Anonymous Season 1

Chris Gethard’s Beautiful/Anonymous Season 1

The premise is simple: one random caller is chosen and Chris Gethard talks to that person for 30 unfiltered minutes. From a caller who recently discovered she’s gay to a walking ghost magnet, the stories range from inspiring to downright chilling.

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Chris Gethard’s Beautiful/Anonymous Season 1
  • Episode 1 - I’m Super Gay

    Chris’s caller discovered something amazing while quarantining with her husband and going through a divorce: she’s super gay. And that’s only the beginning of this story about acceptance, motherhood, embracing your true self, and...boobs.

  • Episode 2 - Nick Raver

    What starts out as a wholesome story about a savvy backyard kids’ club turns into a wild tale of ‘90s party life, drugs, and sneaking friends into raves inside your pants. The roller coaster ends on a tender note about the caller’s resilience.

  • Episode 3 - Nuke Radio

    He used to be a radio DJ and roadie for bands like Black Flag, but the caller is now a nuclear administrator who yearns to return to music. Channeling Henry Rollins, fellow music lover Chris gives him some hard-core life advice: “rise above.”

  • Episode 4 - Wet Ben

    For the first time ever, Chris gets shivers during a call. The caller describes the various ghost encounters she’s had, but the most chilling is about a little boy named Ben who she believes drowned and may now be on a path of vengeance.