Braddock, PA Season 1

Braddock, PA Season 1

In this declining steel town in Western Pennsylvania, meet the people making change in the shadow of the smokestacks. An activist, a filmmaker, a farmer, and a politician fight to bring their town back from the brink.

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Braddock, PA Season 1
  • Episode 1 – Poison

    Welcome to Braddock, a working-class town whose industrial history threatens to cast a cloud over its future.

  • Episode 2 – Roots

    Tony Buba and Isaac Bunn are both the children of steelworkers who worked at the Edgar Thomson mill. But that doesn’t mean they grew up breathing the same air.

  • Episode 3 – Land

    Robert Grey, a young urban farmer with a deep love for his hometown, sows seeds in a Pennsylvania food desert.

  • Episode 4 – Future

    Summer Lee grew up wanting to be Malcolm X. Now at age 30, she’s running to be southwestern Pennsylvania’s first black female state representative.