Anne+ Season 1

Anne+ Season 1

Recently graduated with her own place, Anne seems to be figuring it all out, but when she runs into her first girlfriend, Lily, she thinks back on all the ex-girlfriends and lovers who have shaped—and confused—her idea of love, life, and adulthood.

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Anne+ Season 1
  • Episode 1 – Anne+ Lily & Janna

    When Anne runs into her first girlfriend, Lily, the encounter sends her down memory lane as she reminisces their stable but predictable relationship. Then came Janna, who was the polar opposite: wild and wildly irresponsible.

  • Episode 2 – Anne+ Sofie & Esther

    Anne’s trip down memory lane continues with Sofie, the girl she put on a pedestal but could never quite pin down. Then came Esther, an older woman and her former boss, who wanted more than an illicit workplace affair.

  • Episode 3 – Anne+ Sara & Anne

    Anne’s last girlfriend, Sara, was her dream girl, but there was just one issue: she wasn’t completely sure of her sexual identity. Now, back to present day, Anne is on her own. But will she stay single long or will someone come knocking?