aka Wyatt Cenac Season 1

aka Wyatt Cenac Season 1

Writer, director, and performer Wyatt Cenac stars in this digital series about a Brooklyn resident moonlighting as a crime-fighting vigilante. Nominated for a 2018 Emmy for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series.

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aka Wyatt Cenac Season 1
  • Episode 1 – aka Wyatt Cenac 841

    After Wyatt freaks out when his favorite neighborhood bar becomes overrun with parents and babies, he has to ask himself whether he, in fact, is part of the problem.

  • Episode 2 – aka Wyatt Cenac 842

    It can be difficult to figure out where Wyatt stops and the Viceroy starts. In this episode, Wyatt and Felix remember the days when Brooklyn was more pan-African, and wonder why other people have a problem with the concept of black superheroes.

  • Episode 3 – aka Wyatt Cenac 843

    Wyatt has a run-in with an entitled Brooklyn parent and her toddler, while the Viceroy gets a lead on the secret fueling the success of the neighborhood’s new mustard shop.

  • Episode 4 – aka Wyatt Cenac 844

    It takes a strong man to admit defeat in the competitive world of Brooklyn yoga, and an even stronger man to acknowledge his own latent homophobia.

  • Episode 5 – aka Wyatt Cenac 845

    While Penny’s food-truck business is aggressively undermined by a cranky restaurant owner (guest star Jason Sudeikis), the Viceroy successfully shuts down a neighborhood drug ring.

  • Episode 6 – aka Wyatt Cenac 846

    Fresh off his biggest crime-fighting success to date, the Viceroy takes some time to question his relevance and purpose in the world.