Prisoners of War (English)

Prisoners of War (English)

2 Seasons

17 years ago, three Israeli soldiers were captured in Lebanon. Two return home and begin to adjust to civilian life as an investigation is opened into the mysterious circumstances surrounding their captivity.

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Prisoners of War (English)
  • Episode 1 – Homecoming

    Episode 1

    After 17 years in captivity, three Israeli prisoners of war return, but their homecoming is tainted as questions arise surrounding the mysterious circumstances of their capture.

  • Episode 2 – The Facility, Part One

    Episode 2

    POWs Nimrode and Uri are evaluated by military psychiatrist, Haim, who specializes in prisoners of war. Haim tries to piece together the soldiers’ experiences to understand what really happened to them in Lebanon.

  • Episode 3 – The Facility, Part Two

    Episode 3

    Nimrode and Uri communicate in a secret language. Could this be the result of 17 years in captivity? Haim interrogates the soldiers to try and piece together the truth.

  • Episode 4 – Letters from Mom

    Episode 4

    Uri falls into a deep depression. His father gives him the letters his mother wrote to him while he was in captivity. Although his father means well, Uri’s reaction could be explosive.

  • Episode 5 – Keep Your Soul

    Episode 5

    Nimrode and Uri attend the funeral of their fallen brother, Amiel. Yael, Amiel’s sister, is haunted by memories of her brother and begins seeing visions of him everywhere she goes.

  • Episode 6 – The Journal

    Episode 6

    Nimrode and his wife, Talia do an interview on TV. What Nimrode reveals makes Talia, who tirelessly campaigned for his release, question everything. Meanwhile, their daughter who was only 2 when Nimrode disappeared sees a psychiatrist.

  • Episode 7 – A Picture from Hell

    Episode 7

    Dana continues to see the psychiatrist, but does she have an ulterior motive for seeing Dr. Ostrovsky? Meanwhile, Hatzav, Nimrode’s son, who was born after his disappearance prepares to take his army exams.

  • Episode 8 – Family Portrait

    Episode 8

    Nimrode’s nightmares are affecting Talia in ways she never would’ve expected. Nimrode and Uri disappear, causing new, yet familiar trauma.

  • Episode 9 – Awake at Night

    Episode 9

    Nimrode has a nightmare of when fellow soldier Amiel was killed. Talia implores Nimrode to confide in her. Meanwhile, Uri’s son, Yael pays a visit to Israeli Defense family liaison, Ilan at his home.

  • Episode 10 – The Unveiling

    Episode 10

    Nimrode is given an ultimatum by his wife while Nurit decides which Zach brother she wants to be with. Yael finally comes to terms with her brother’s death.