Off Season

Off Season

6 Episodes

Troubled Swiss Police Captain, Sterenn Peiry, must team up with a French counterpart to hunt down a serial killer. While investigating the case, her life becomes complicated by decisions she makes to protect her son from a tragic mistake.

Off Season
  • Episode 1 - Return to the Peaks

    Episode 1

    The snow is melting and reveals a macabre staging of the body of a woman near the French border. As Swiss Captain Sterenn Peiry starts investigating the case, she faces a dangerous personal crisis.

  • Episode 2 - Mode of Operation

    Episode 2

    Sterenn covers up her son’s accident by reproducing the stagings of the killer she hunts. The investigation progresses with French officer Lyes Bouaouni. Mélinda's colleagues notice her absence.

  • Episode 3 - Mother Instinct

    Episode 3

    Sterenn’s secret is in jeopardy as Jérémy is brought in for questioning by Lyes. Temporarily removed from the investigation, Sterenn manages to uncover the link between the serial killer's victims.

  • Episode 4 - The Pursuit

    Episode 4

    The serial killer targets Jérémy's boss, Matteo. Sterenn faces the killer and tries to convince him to spare Matteo's life. The killer will only communicate with Sterenn, imposing a diabolical pact.

  • Episode 5 - The Pact, Part 1

    Episode 5

    Sterenn has only a few hours left to save her son. Lyes is convinced that Mélinda is not one of the killer's victims and has growing suspicions about Jérémy. Desperate, Sterenn changes strategy.

  • Episode 6 - The Pact, Part 2

    Episode 6

    The pact with the serial killer is still ongoing. Lyes manages to convince the Swiss Police that Sterenn is covering up the homicide her son committed. The police go after Sterenn and Jérémy.