Next Gen

Next Gen

6 Episodes

Kids weigh in on the world they’re about to inherit. Their verdict? They might need to find a replacement. From VR to space travel, hear their takes on a future that’s freaky.

Next Gen
  • Episode 1 – On Robots

    Episode 1

    Waiting for our laser-shooting, job-deleting future overlords, who will make it so “there will be no point in humans at all.”

  • Episode 2 – On Artificial Intelligence

    Episode 2

    Kids contemplate a “brain that’s not a real brain”—and how it might need to be kept in an “artificial cage.”

  • Episode 3 – On the Future

    Episode 3

    These kids are unequivocal: “It’s not going to be that great.” However, they’re also pretty sure that “everything’s going to be silver.”

  • Episode 4 – On Space Exploration

    Episode 4

    Checking out the galaxy doesn’t seem like a bad idea. After all, we could probably use a spare planet.

  • Episode 5 – On Virtual Reality

    Episode 5

    “I was on a roller coaster, and I actually screamed!” These kids are pro-VR, whether it takes them to distant planets or on more terrestrial adventures.

  • Episode 6 – On Self-Driving Cars


    Will today’s kids even get the chance to learn to drive? They sure hope so.