Museum of Human History

Museum of Human History

2 Seasons

Humans don’t make a lot of sense to other humans. For aliens, they’re almost impossible to comprehend—which is why they need a special guide. Comedian Jim Rash stars in this very selective, very American walk through human history.

Museum of Human History
  • Episode 1 – Witch Hunts

    Episode 1

    The alien kids learn about more needlessly violent human persecutions.

  • Episode 2 – Halloween

    Episode 2

    The children celebrate the ancient human holiday of Halloween by trick-or-treating at a neighbor’s home.

  • Episode 3 – Australia

    Episode 3

    Greem visits the school counselor because she keeps having nightmares about the most terrifying place in human history: Australia.

  • Episode 4 – Voting

    Episode 4

    When the children can’t decide what game to play, they turn to the human tradition of voting.

  • Episode 5 – National Anthems

    Episode 5

    The museum guide teaches the children about National Anthems–songs that divided nations with many many notes.

  • Episode 6 – Founding Fathers

    Episode 6

    Bloo holds a meeting of the founding fathers in his bathtub.

  • Episode 7 – Christmas

    Episode 7

    The museum guide teaches the children about the most wonderful time of the year...

  • Episode 8 – Death

    Episode 8

    The children teach a neighborhood kid about human death.

  • Episode 9 – Birthdays

    Episode 9

    Bloo’s dads quiz him for his upcoming test on Birthdays.

  • Episode 10 – Vaccinations

    Episode 10

    The museum guide teaches the children about human vaccinations and the anal waffles who denounced them.

  • Episode 11 – AI

    Episode 11

    Greem’s family learns about A.I. at Homosapien Park!

  • Episode 12 – Global Warming

    Episode 12

    Yellah and Rad give a class presentation on the human historical catastrophe known as “Global Warming.”

  • Episode 13 – Pets

    Episode 13

    The museum guide teaches the kids about pets - the only meat humans didn’t eat.

  • Episode 14 – Diets

    Episode 14

    Green thinks she needs to go on a diet.

  • Episode 15 – Food Allergies

    Episode 15

    Yellah is sick of being healthy and wishes she had food allergies.

  • Episode 16 – Prison

    Episode 16

    The museum guide teaches the kids about the penultimate human timeout: jail!

  • Episode 17 – Serial Killers

    Episode 17

    Is Greem’s dad a serial killer. Her mom doesn’t make the strongest case that he’s not.

  • Episode 18 – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Episode 18

    Yellah teaches her sister about her biggest human hero, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

  • Episode 19 – Casinos

    Episode 19

    The museum guide teaches the kids how humans loved poverty so much that they made a game of it!

  • Episode 20 – Taxation

    Episode 20

    While over for dinner at Rad’s house, Bloo gets in a heated debate with Rad’s dad about taxes. Or... A hopeless Mzz. Tope copes with booze while Bloo boos Rad’s mad dad’s wack tax “facts.”

  • Episode 21 – Monopoly

    Episode 21

    The alien kids get a lesson on capitalism and friendship with a rousing game of Monopoly.