Museum of Human History

Museum of Human History

2 Seasons

Humans don’t make a lot of sense to other humans. For aliens, they’re almost impossible to comprehend—which is why they need a special guide. Comedian Jim Rash stars in this very selective, very American walk through human history.

Museum of Human History
  • Episode 1 – Clowns

    Episode 1

    Explaining the appeal of clowns might be the hardest task yet for our intrepid tour guide.

  • Episode 2 – Twitter

    Episode 2

    In space, they can’t hear you tweet.

  • Episode 3 – KKK

    Episode 3

    Humans wearing white sheets while they terrorize and persecute other humans? Aliens just don’t understand. (And why should they?)

  • Episode 4 – Great Walls

    Episode 4

    Between the Great Wall of China and (proposed) Great Wall of Mexico, humans do seem to love putting up giant barriers.

  • Episode 5 – NRA

    Episode 5

    Let’s just say that the NRA isn’t making a lot of fans outside of our solar system.

  • Episode 6 – Elon Musk

    Episode 6

    Inventor, captain of industry, and god knows what else—the alien kids meet Elon Musk.