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Watch this video and more on Topic: Watch TV & Movies


Episode 08 – Guy Debord

Season 1, Episode 08 , ,

Up Next in Merlí Season 1

  • Episode 09 – Epicurus

    The students throw Pol a birthday party, which leads to many revelations. Bruno and Pol grow closer than ever, Gerard learns about his mother and Merlí, and Joan ends up in the hospital after drinking too much. Merlí confesses his feelings for Gina.

  • Episode 10 – The Skeptics

    Merlí tells Joan’s parents about the alcohol incident, which infuriates Joan but ultimately drives him out of his home and to Merlí. Feeling hopeful, Bruno approaches Pol but is rejected and takes his anger out on the Spanish teacher.

  • Episode 11 – The Sophists

    Merlí helps Berta and Pol find direction, encouraging the latter to work with Ivan. Bruno continues to make fun of Santi the Spanish teacher until he gets kicked out of class. A new student arrives who defies expectations.