Love Me

Love Me

6 Episodes

Love is unpredictable at any age. Three family members, each from a different generation, learn surprising lessons about love through grief. Sometimes you have to embrace second chances, see what’s in front of you, and let go of your fears for love.

Love Me
  • Episode 1 - Everything Will Be Alright

    Episode 1

    An accident has left his wife bedridden and depressed, but Sten tries to create a memorable anniversary dinner with their kids, Clara and Aron. Clara is ready to quit dating when she meets a handsome stranger. Aron is in the throes of young love.

  • Episode 2 - A Lot of Emotions Going On

    Episode 2

    The family is in grief after their loss. Aron struggles to trust Elsa. Clara drinks too much and gets unexpected help from her neighbor Peter. Sten decides to go by himself on the vacation he bought for Kersti and meets another solo traveler.

  • Episode 3 - We Mustn’t Walk Away

    Episode 3

    Sten’s solo vacation takes an exciting turn when he runs into Anita. Clara goes on a date with Peter but runs away after he reveals his career. Despite his reservations, Aron throws Elsa a birthday party that reveals their differences.

  • Episode 4 - Can You Love Me Now?

    Episode 4

    Clara and Peter’s relationship takes off at full speed but comes to a halt when he reveals important information. Sten has never felt so alive, which makes him feel guilty and have visions of Kersti. Elsa makes a confession.

  • Episode 5 - I Want to Look to the Future

    Episode 5

    Aron is furious that Sten is moving on so fast. When Sten makes a shocking gesture during dinner with Anita, Aron blows up. He seeks support from his best friend Jenny and discovers unexpected feelings. Peter and Clara confront another hurdle.

  • Episode 6 - Are You Happy?

    Episode 6

    When Anita and Sten’s personalities start to clash, he gets love advice from the last person he expected. After Elsa reveals life-changing news, Aron decides to follow his heart. Clara finally lets her guard down for Peter, but is it too late?