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Episode 3 – War Drums

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  • Episode 3 – War Drums

    To fund ETA’s activities, Txabi and his comrades decide to rob a bank, adding pressure on Manzanas to secure an arrest. But when Txabi’s bombing plan goes wrong, Manzanas arrests and tortures his comrade until he gives up vital information on Txabi.

  • Episode 4 – A Poet

    Txabi loses a notebook of poems during an escape from the police. Could this be the lead that Manzanas needs to catch Txabi? Manzanas also becomes a target when ETA takes a vote on which Francoist leader to execute first.

  • Episode 5 – The Line

    On June 7, 1968, Txabi is driving with another ETA member named Peru when they are stopped by a young traffic officer named José Antonio Pardines. Txabi then does the unthinkable, and thus crossing “the invisible line.”