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La Línea Invisible

La Línea Invisible

6 Episodes

How did ETA, one of the most violent terrorist organizations in Europe’s history, come to be? It all started with a young university student and poet named Txabi Etxebarrieta, who paved the group’s bloody path when he crossed “the invisible line.”

La Línea Invisible
  • Episode 1 – Graffiti and Firecrackers

    Episode 1

    Txabi Etxebarrieta is a 19-year-old poet living with his family in Bilbao. When his brother falls ill, Txabi takes his place in the then-unknown anti-fascist group ETA, who are being investigated by an inspector known for torturing dissidents.

  • Episode 2 – A Leader

    Episode 2

    Three years later, during the longest strike of the Franco dictatorship, Txabi is elected leader of ETA. To assume his new role, he quits university and breaks up with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Inspector Manzanas obtains a photo of the young leader.

  • Episode 3 – War Drums

    Episode 3

    To fund ETA’s activities, Txabi and his comrades decide to rob a bank, adding pressure on Manzanas to secure an arrest. But when Txabi’s bombing plan goes wrong, Manzanas arrests and tortures his comrade until he gives up vital information on Txabi.

  • Episode 4 – A Poet

    Episode 4

    Txabi loses a notebook of poems during an escape from the police. Could this be the lead that Manzanas needs to catch Txabi? Manzanas also becomes a target when ETA takes a vote on which Francoist leader to execute first.

  • Episode 5 – The Line

    Episode 5

    On June 7, 1968, Txabi is driving with another ETA member named Peru when they are stopped by a young traffic officer named José Antonio Pardines. Txabi then does the unthinkable, and thus crossing “the invisible line.”

  • Episode 6 – The Future

    Episode 6

    Following the incident with Civil Guard Pardines, Txabi and Peru are stopped at a police checkpoint, where a shootout ensues and forever changes the course of history for both ETA and Inspector Manzanas.