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Just Added

  • Those Who Kill

    1 season

    A criminal investigator and a forensic psychologist team up to track down serial killers in Copenhagen.

  • Smash + Grab


    A unique documentary told by the world’s most successful diamond thieves. The Pink Panthers gained notoriety in 2003 after the London Gaff heist, but are responsible for over 500 robberies across borders totaling over $300 million.

  • Dark Rivers

    1 season

    After a police detective from Berlin testifies against a powerful clan boss, she and her daughter are forced under witness protection, as Frederike and Mia Bader. After a run-in with a local private detective, Frederike’s past might catch up with her

  • Millennium

    1 season

    Based on the bestselling book trilogy by Stieg Larsson, Millennium is a fast-paced saga of murder, mystery and corruption. The unlikely heroes are disgraced journalist Mikael Blomkvist and his reluctant partner world-class hacker, Lisbeth Salander.

  • Christian (English)

    1 season

    Working as a criminal enforcer, Christian is shocked when stigmata appears on his hands. He soon realizes the signs are accompanied by mysterious powers. But how far can Christian take them, and can he escape the church?

  • The Silence


    A 13-year-old girl vanishes. Her bicycle is discovered in the exact location, on the same date, where a teen girl was murdered in 1986. With no suspects and zero leads, individuals involved in the original case are forced to confront the past.

  • Happily Married

    2 seasons

    How did two ordinary suburban married couples become the greatest criminals in Quebec’s history? The dark comedy follows four friends whose marital strife opens a gateway to murder, arson, and a life of organized crime. Meet the Sainte-Foy Killers.

  • Agatha Christie's Hjerson (English)

    1 season

    An Agatha Christie offshoot featuring Sven Hjerson, a detective who has suddenly retired, and Klara, a reality TV producer with ambitions to create more meaningful work. Together the unlikely pair solve murder mysteries.