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Jamie's Food Escapes

Jamie's Food Escapes

6 Episodes

Jamie's Food Escapes is a tasty food series in which Jamie Oliver visits six countries in Europe and the Mediterranean to discover how their vast culinary differences and their amazing cultures can help inspire him to create fresh new recipes.

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Jamie's Food Escapes
  • Episode 1 - Jamie Does Marrakech

    Episode 1

    Jamie explores the alleyways of old Medina and the lively Djemaa el Fna square in search of authentic street food, like slow-roasted lamb in cumin, as well as almond and rose water cakes. Later, he makes his own version of chicken and lemon tagine.

  • Episode 2 - Jamie Does Andalucia

    Episode 2

    In Andalucia, Jamie prepares a variety of dishes, including a paella dish for the entire village. He makes rabbit stew with hunters but he steps up his game when he joins trainee bullfighters as they practice in Spain’s oldest bullring.

  • Episode 3 - Jamie Does Stockholm

    Episode 3

    Jamie is in Stockholm, where he squares off against outwardly repugnant dishes like reindeer heart and a herring that smells like a stink bomb. But, he faces an even bigger challenge when he has to do all that he can to avoid skinny-dipping.

  • Episode 4 - Jamie Does Venice

    Episode 4

    In Venice, Italy, Jamie is determined to steer clear of crowded tourist traps. He meets aristocrats in the palazzo, tries his hand at fishing and cooks up a spaghetti vongole dish. For dessert, he attempts to create the perfect Venetian tiramisu.

  • Episode 5 - Jamie Does The French Pyrenees

    Episode 5

    The French Pyrenees bring out a sense of adventure in Jamie as he goes truffle-hunting with a pig then goes boar-hunting with some locals. He ends up living like a king as he basks in their decadent supply of fresh meats, cheeses and wines.

  • Episode 6 - Jamie Does Athens

    Episode 6

    Jamie is in Athens, experiencing one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, while taking part in such adventures as meze, traditional dancing and even milking a goat. In the shadow of the Acropolis, Jamie tries his hand at cooking souvlaki.