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Jamie's American Road Trip

Jamie's American Road Trip

6 Episodes

Jamie Oliver is taking the road trip of a lifetime as he travels to the parts of America that few visitors ever see, to uncover fascinating personal stories, try real American food and meet interesting chefs, all without the benefit of a guidebook.

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Jamie's American Road Trip
  • Episode 1 - New York

    Episode 1

    Jamie visits Queens, New York in search of food cooked by recent immigrants. He samples flavors from numerous cultures, including Egyptian, Greek and Colombian but is particularly intrigued by a food court populated with authentic Chinese food.

  • Episode 2 - Louisiana

    Episode 2

    Weeks after Hurricane Gustav, Jamie lands in Louisiana. He finds its residents use ‘soul food’ to stay positive and keep the party going, even through hardships. On his journey, he meets a gumbo queen, a barbecue expert and even an alligator-hunting grandma.

  • Episode 3 - Los Angeles

    Episode 3

    In Los Angeles’ Mexican barrios, Jamie avoids the westernized Tex-Mex in favor of authentic recipes steeped in tradition. He discovers not only exotic ingredients, like cacti and fungus mescal, but also the crucial role that food plays in family life.

  • Episode 4 - Arizona

    Episode 4

    Jamie’s decided to go back to where America began by sampling food from its original inhabitants on the Navajo Indian reservation in Arizona. He learns that many of the younger generation prefer fast food, leading to a devastating diabetes epidemic.

  • Episode 5 - Georgia to Florida

    Episode 5

    Jamie visits Georgia in search of Dixie cooking traditions. He helps a family complete in a national BBQ competition in Florida and participates in an all-night hog smoking. In Charleston, he tastes soul food that has its roots in a dark American history.

  • Episode 6 - Wyoming

    Episode 6

    In Wyoming, Jamie is hot on the trail of classic cowboy cuisine and, with a rancher as his guide, he heads to a rodeo, a local festival and a cattle drive. Then, he cooks up a smoky chili with big beef flavors and a few surprising ingredients.