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3 Seasons

When 31-year-old man-child Julien learns he has a teenage son, he embraces fatherhood by winning his son’s affections with joints and video games. Can he step up to the plate as a dad if he’s still a kid himself?

  • Episode 1 – What Will Be Our Future?

    Episode 1

    It’s been two years since Julien, Marie, Jacques, and Sylvie began living under the same roof. With this milestone, Jacques decides to make a life-changing decision—one that is not well-received by his family.

  • Episode 2 – End of Chapter

    Episode 2

    Julien decides to work with Jacques in a bid to get him to stay as Marie makes a confession that may impact her studies. A strange new neighbor makes an unsettling first impression.

  • Episode 3 – The Cheloue Neighbor

    Episode 3

    Swayed by recent events at the apartment, Sylvie debates whether she should move home. Meanwhile, Julien struggles to wrap his head around new “neighbor” Julie’s confession as the pair disagree about whether to tell Sylvie the truth.

  • Episode 4 – My Best Friend’s Ovaries

    Episode 4

    Julien and Marie spend an evening with Lea and Sam, who have become an item, but the mood sours when talk turns to babies. Drunk and left to their own devices, Julien and Lea hatch a scheme to give them both what they want.

  • Episode 5 – Jacques Has A Good Back

    Episode 5

    Tensions run high as Julien and Marie come to an impasse about their relationship. Wanting to keep their decision under-wraps, the pair try to hide it from the rest of the family, but find that’s easier said than done.

  • Episode 6 – The Best Cop of Cat City

    Episode 6

    Julien makes a split decision that leaves each member of the family to react in their own way: Sylvie with panic, Jacques with indifference, and Marie struggling to keep their breakup a secret.

  • Episode 7 – I’ve Got You, You’re Holding Me

    Episode 7

    Julien has fled to Lyon to stay with Julie at their father Michael’s house while he’s away. But despite their attempt to make up for lost time, they find these moments are not without their costs.

  • Episode 8 – Bide’s Woes

    Episode 8

    Together, Julie and Julien return to Chaville just as Jacques is preparing to make his big departure. Julien tries to make things up with his son, but an unplanned arrival threatens to change everything.

  • Episode 9 – The Day After

    Episode 9

    As Jacques finally leaves the nest, a new baby arrives. Now that their son has gone, Julien and Marie face the question of what the future of their relationship looks like. A visit to Julie and her baby reunites Sylvie with an old flame.

  • Episode 10 – The Balance Sheet, Calmly

    Episode 10

    A year has passed and Marie has finally completed her thesis. The group, reunited after a long separation, uses the occasion to catch up and celebrate, as Julien prepares a big surprise for Marie.