3 Seasons

When 31-year-old man-child Julien learns he has a teenage son, he embraces fatherhood by winning his son’s affections with joints and video games. Can he step up to the plate as a dad if he’s still a kid himself?

  • Episode 1 – The Beginning of a New Era

    Episode 1

    Julien seems to be juggling fatherhood and working as a school monitor just fine, even if he’s not sure where things stand with Marie. But his happy routine comes crashing down when his mother makes a shocking announcement at her retirement party.

  • Episode 2 – The games are done, nothing goes more!

    Episode 2

    His mother’s new life brings changes Julien refuses to accept, and a new person in his life stirs his suspicions. But in order to get out of the situation, he must make advancements in his own life. Can he prove himself at work?

  • Episode 3 – Everything but Home

    Episode 3

    For the first time in his life, Julien seems serious about becoming an independent adult. He and Sam get closer now that they both work at the same school. But that doesn’t mean she’ll let him move in with her. What’s a professional squatter to do?

  • Episode 4 – Live My Life of Mary

    Episode 4

    Julien finds temporary refuge with Marie, which makes Jacques insecure about their family image. Marie is happy to have Julien around, but when things start to get too comfortable, she starts to regret letting him back in.

  • Episode 5 – The Precariousness of Our Principles

    Episode 5

    Thanks to Sam, Julien now lives in a maid's room whose owner is none other than Maillard, his former teacher and worst enemy. When Julien realizes that his survival is hanging by a thread, he tries to win Maillard over.

  • Episode 6 – The Mysteries of Sex

    Episode 6

    After reluctantly making plans with Emma to have their “first time,” Jacques spends all week trying to get out of it. When the day comes, his desperate attempts to sabotage the occasion lead to an undesired outcome.

  • Episode 7 – Stinking Balls and Feelings

    Episode 7

    Ever since Marie kicked him out with no explanation, Julien has been holding a grudge against her and now it’s erupted into war. When a series of pranks goes too far, Julien has a change of heart and makes a surprising sacrifice.

  • Episode 8 – Analysis Me, Idiot!

    Episode 8

    As Sylvie starts missing her old life, Julien unexpectedly shows up. Feeling disconnected, Sylvie and Jean-Pierre go away for the weekend to work on things, but their early return brings simmering tensions to an explosive boil.

  • Episode 9 – The Party at Home

    Episode 9

    When Sylvie and Jean-Pierre go away for the weekend, Julien throws a house party. Jacques is still depressed about what happened with Emma, so Julien and Marie decide to help. In trying to fix Jacques’s love life, they realize feelings of their own.

  • Episode 10 – Let's Not Rush

    Episode 10

    In the wake of the party, Julien makes a big decision regarding Marie. But while things stabilize on one front, everything else is in upheaval. For Julien, Marie, Jacques, and Sylvie, life as they know it goes up in flames.