Invisible Heroes

Invisible Heroes

6 Episodes

This is the thrilling true story of a real-life superhero you’ve never heard of. In 1973, Finnish diplomat Tapani Brotherus defied his own government to save 2,000 refugees during Pinochet’s bloody coup in Chile.

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Invisible Heroes
  • Episode 1 – Coup

    Episode 1

    In 1973, Tapani Brotherus, the son of a Finnish diplomat, reluctantly follows in his father’s footsteps when he lands a job at the embassy in Chile. However, his work on trade agreements stops after a brutal military coup.

  • Episode 2 – Funeral

    Episode 2

    Tapani and Lysa Brotherus open their home to more and more political refugees, but the State Department insists on staying neutral. Tapani and Edelstam attend the Neruda funeral and publicly defy the junta.

  • Episode 3 – Independence Day

    Episode 3

    Swedish Ambassador Harald Edelstam fights prominently for the Chilean refugees, who are still struggling after the coup. Meanwhile, the political motives and actions of the refugees living in the Brotherus’ home are of concern to Tapan and Lysa.

  • Episode 4 – Inspection

    Episode 4

    The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs decides to send an inspector to Santiago. Brotherus and Jaamala are trying to move the refugees out of their homes, while Swedish Ambassador Edelstam is expelled from the country.

  • Episode 5 – Smuggling Operation

    Episode 5

    Without the knowledge of the Finns, an important Socialist leader who is going to be smuggled out of the country is hidden in the GDR embassy. The political situation is intensifying and refugees are about to face dramatic consequences.

  • Episode 6 – Note

    Episode 6

    In the series finale, the fight to rescue the Chilean refugees continues, but Pinochet officials make the job almost impossible. As time is running out, Brotherus fears he will have to take drastic measures to complete his mission.