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Watch this video and more on Topic: Watch TV & Movies

Happily Married

Episode 6 – Betrayal and Lentils

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Up Next in Happily Married Season 2

  • Episode 7 – The Eye of the Devil

    As the members of the Organization grapple with Lucien’s return, a mysterious character in a yellow raincoat interrupts an already eventful evening. A shocking discovery in Serge’s basement explains more. Huguette lashes out in a worrying way.

  • Episode 8 – The Exorcism of Huguette ...

    Determined to create his own criminal organization in Sainte-Foy, Serge cuts all ties with Huguette, Micheline, and Marie-Josée. An espionage mission is arranged to find out more about Serge’s plans. Gaétan worries about Huguette’s mental health.

  • Episode 9 – The Praying Mantis

    The meeting between Huguette and Grazia takes a surprising turn. All bets are off at the Lucky Pussy with the arrival of Lucien. Huguette, Micheline, and Marie-Josée take off for Montreal on the most important and dangerous mission of their lives.